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Our Mission

Our mission is to develop a range of speech and language therapy apps for adults and children with communication difficulties that can be used in clinic and at home to facilitate learning and rehabilitation.

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App Portfolio

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Inference Pics LITE

Inference Pics Lite gives you a FREE sample of the full version of Inference Pics so you can try before you buy.

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Inference Pics

Inference Pics is designed to elicit verbal expression and target the ability to make inferences. It uses real-life pictures depicting events, conversations, thoughts, feelings, jobs, places and seasons. Inference Pics will get people talking, help them to foster key social skills and master the ability to make social inferences.


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Therapy for Verbs

Therapy for Verbs is designed for adults who have difficulty understanding spoken and written verbs, and/or have problems retrieving verbs when talking. It includes over 100 clear, large, high-quality pictures of people doing activities, a customisable verb test and 5 evidence-based therapy activities.

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Keyword Understanding

Keyword Understanding works on the understanding of the concepts of size and colour, and one and two-step directions of increasing difficulty. It also targets the child or adult’s ability to follow directions which include the words before/after, first & then.

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Semantic Links

Semantic Links works on the comprehension of verbs, the ability to link verbs to objects as well as verb retrieval. Designed to help people with brain injury and aphasia from stroke, it is also a valuable tool for older children with special needs including autism.

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Turtle Talk

Turtle Talk is an app designed for children who have a fast rate of speech and imprecise articulation. Unlike traditional pacing boards, Turtle Talk offers fun visual cues to help your child/client to pace their speech.

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Speech Pacesetter

The original version of Speech Pacesetter PRO. Speech Pacesetter uses effective visual and sound cues to help individuals pace their rate of speech. Included phonemically balanced passages and a choice of visual cues.

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Speech Pacesetter Pro

Designed specifically for clients with stuttering, cluttering and dysarthria, Speech Pacesetter Pro offers clever visual and audio cues that can effectively reduce rate of speech and improve speech clarity. Includes a built-in library of short stories and allows you to create and save a library of custom reading passages.

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Conversation Paceboard

Conversation Paceboard is designed to help adults with imprecise articulation and a fast speaking rate to pace their speech and improve their intelligibility in conversation.  The visual cues make it a modern pacing board with a motivating difference.


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Noun Trainer Home

Noun Trainer includes over 100 high-quality pictures of items commonly found in the home, 2 evidence-based naming treatments (semantic feature analysis & errorless learning) as well as a customisable naming test.

Noun Trainer Personal

Noun Trainer Personal includes over 100 high-quality pictures of objects that a person may own, 2 evidence-based naming treatments (semantic feature analysis & errorless learning) as well as a customisable naming test.

Coming soon

We are currently working on a new app. Stayed tuned. It’s coming soon.

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I used this during high school speech and language therapy today for the first time and I was blown away by the progress my students exhibited using this tool.

By SLMP on Conversation Paceboard March 12 2014

I’ve tried this app with several children on my caseload and I have to admit that having fun and concrete visuals have helped my clients significantly.

Smart Speech Therapy LLC on Turtle Talk. April 17 2013

This app is great for children with processing difficulties which need to improve their ability to follow directions with a variety of embedded concepts.

Smart Speech Therapy LLC on Keyword Understanding

This affordable app brings a novel way of carrying out pacing therapy for adult speech and language therapists.

Mike Richards, Speech Language Solutions blog on Speech Pacesetter

If you work with people with dysarthria, Parkinson’s, or other clients who need to slow their rate of speech, Conversation Paceboard is a wonderful app to add to your toolkit.

Megan Sutton, Speaking of Apps blog on Conversation Paceboard

Every child I have used it with has been very engaged by the lovely, brightly-coloured pictures, and has quite happily kept on listening and following the instructions.

Helen Coleman, Speech Blog UK on Keyword Understanding

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I am a Canadian SLP with many PD and PD+ clients in my caseload. Some speak excessively fast or stutter. I have found the Conversation Paceboard to be quite helpful in teaching a slower rate of speech and better clarity. My clients seem to enjoy this app as it gives immediate feedback when they speed up (Too Quick). As well they seem to find it more fun and modern than a traditional pacing board. Well done!

Bonnie Bereskin, M. Ed. September 10 2014

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Meet Us

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Lorraine Curran, Speech Therapist & Founder

Lorraine has worked as a Speech and Language Therapist in the National Health Service (NHS) in the South East of England and on a CARF accredited acute neurological rehabilitation unit in a private London hospital. She specialises in adults with acquired neurological conditions (i.e. Stroke, Brain Injury, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease). Lorraine has acted as a consultant to the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) on matters of technology. She was lead author of the RCSLT CQ Live guideline on the use of apps in Speech and Language Therapy.

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Stephen Courtney, iOS developer

Stephen is a Software Engineer with ten years experience in the games industry. He has previously worked on top PC and console franchises such as The Sims, Need For Speed and Silent Hill, and is a founding member of Space Ape Games where he has developed highly successful iOS and Android games such as Samurai Siege and Rival Kingdoms.

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