Noun Trainer Home is the newest addition to the Aptus SLT app family.

  • Designed for adults with aphasia and older children with special needs who have word-finding difficulties
  • Based on the evidence-based treatment approach of errorless learning which means that users do not struggle to name items and can learn by listening and repeating
  • The app repeats the name of the target word 3 times and asks the user to repeat it 3 times. The number of times the word is repeated can be adjusted in settings. The number of times the user is required to repeat the word can also be adjusted.
  • Includes over 100 high-quality real-life pictures of objects commonly found in the home
  • Perfect for baseline and repeat assessments as you can choose the items you wish to include in practice & testing
  • Most suitable for patients who are able to accurately repeat
  • Ideal for home practice in between therapy sessions